We're not recruiters.
We're CTO hunters.

We're not recruiters. We're CTO hunters.

We're CTOs who hire CTOs. We have a world-class, in-house talent team. Why settle for anyone else?

  • Who you are

    You have a business with a critical technological component, and you’re either expanding or you’re reshuffling your technical leadership. It’s time to level up.

  • Your new CTO

    You deserve a stalwart leader for your cutting-edge team. A born communicator who translates techno-babble into plain English, and plain English into highly cost-efficient plans and architectures. A pragmatic visionary with an iron will. Someone with form and character who delivers every time.

  • Why use a third party service?

    Finding a good CTO is time consuming and expensive. Often the best candidates are working for your competitors. Candidate evaluation is hard, especially if you’re not equipped for C-level technical assessments.

  • Who we are

    This is not our first rodeo. Endian was founded by two former CTOs, and our talent team is second to none. We’ve built products and teams top-down and bottom-up. We’ve explored all the dead ends and mapped all the pitfalls so you don’t have to. We’ll give you the CTO you deserve.

Why choose us?

Hands-on CTO experience

Hands-on CTO experience

We don’t idly trade in CTOs like some recruitment agency: we are CTOs. Our founders still lead teams, leverage cutting-edge technology, and write code every day.

When we talk about the qualities and responsibilities of a CTO, it’s not academic. When we screen candidates, we’ll challenge them like no recruiter ever could, and you will reap the benefits.

World-class talent team

World-class talent team

We’re not just a couple of CTOs sitting around chatting: we have a full team of highly experienced talent sourcers working around the clock.

Some agencies use dirty tricks to get people hired. We don’t. We rely on the quality of our service and our highly refined processes to get results. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Proactive headhunting

Proactive headhunting

We don’t just wait for people to contact us. We actively seek out good people, even when it might seem like they’re unavailable.

Finding good candidates can be tricky, especially for C-level positions. Experienced CTOs tend to be highly in demand — and often work for your competitors.

How we work

  • Requirements gathering

    Our first task is to work out the exact role of a CTO in your organisation. We’ll create a profile that covers everything from their required technical expertise through to cultural fit, mindset and approach. If you want to cast you own net, we can help you map out a job specification (see optional extras, below).
  • Candidate reconnaissance

    Once the profile is signed off, we can start trawling our networks for potential CTOs. We put every candidate through a qualifying process, so the large pool we start out with ends in a promising handful. We’ll then introduce you to the best potential CTOs.
  • Thinning the herd

    We’ll adapt to your hiring process, and we’ll manage all the meetings, calls and other housekeeping. We’ll hold candidates’ hands the whole way (not literally). All you have to worry about is choosing your CTO. (If you’re not confident with technical evaluations, we’ve got you covered; see the optional extra below).
  • Onboarding your new CTO

    After you’ve found your perfect match, we’ll help negotiate terms and get them settled in. We’ll even check in during any probation period. Depending on your situation, you may want to hire a new technical team – and we’d love to help with that process, too!

A fully-featured service, tailored for you

Profile mapping

Profile mapping

(optional extra)

If you’re not technically inclined or you’re taking a new technical approach, it can be hard to work out exactly what you want and need in a CTO.

Fortunately, we have a lot of experience in this area. We can help you build a comprehensive profile of your ideal CTO using our specialised process and custom-built software. The profile will include all of the technical expertise and experience they might need, and some simple ways of testing for those qualities.

Technical review

Technical review

(optional extra)

It can be tough to evaluate someone’s technical chops — especially when their job is highly specific.

We offer a thorough technical review service, which includes multiple technical interviews and a proof-of-ability challenge which promising candidates will complete on their own time.

Once the review is complete, we’ll give you a comprehensive report with a statistical breakdown that you can use to compare candidates.