We're not an agency.
We're digital sherpas.

Holistic technical solutions from first principles to world domination.

Want the TL;DR?  Here's what we do

Much of our work at Endian has been figuring out how to get clarity on ideas, create a team that's harmonious and deliver solutions that provably work. Over the years we've distilled that thinking into processes, tools and training that we call the Endian Way. And we'd like to share it with you.

The Endian Way

  • Aspirational

    We believe everything beyond basic survival is art. We believe that everything ugly was intended to be beautiful, and that everything beautiful was meant to be useful.

  • Defiant

    We don't invest in ego and we don't believe in hierarchy. We believe in walking the shortest path. We believe in goals, but we know the work's never done. We're here for the creating, not just the creation.

  • Accessible

    We're all about goals. We like defining them but we love achieving them. Since you're reading this, you probably have something exciting in mind; some world-changing startup idea or product. If that sounds like you, keep reading!

How we get there from here

  • Planning

    Knowing where you're going and how to get there is critical. From the grand vision to the daily details, all projects need careful thought and a comprehensive plan.

  • Implementation

    The economic application of effort vectored onto goals is vital. In other words, the right people must apply the right processes to the right problems.

What we do

(how we help you)

We believe in what you're doing, and we'd love to be a part of it.

  • Braintrust

    [Technical Consulting]

    Finding a direction can be hard, and understanding the lay of the technical landscape can be daunting. We're a collective of philosophers, engineers and life Sherpas; you bring the why, we'll bring the what.

  • Muscle

    [Talent Acquisition]

    If you need experts, you've found them. We have world-class thinkers and doers who eat complex software problems for breakfast. You bring the what, we'll bring the who.

  • Stewardship

    [Bespoke design & Build]

    Sometimes you want a full valet service for your product. We can deliver a well-defined, fully tested, documented solution for your software. You bring the problem, we'll deliver the solution with a full tank.

Who we've helped

Endian hired our entire product team and as a testament to the quality of hires and their work we've since raised multi-million dollar funding rounds."~ Eiland Glover, CEO, Kowala Inc.

It’s always a pleasure working with Endian. Their ability to understand our business is second to none. We think of them as an extension of ourselves."~ Sam Labs.

Case studies

Kowala - Cryptocurrency startup

Technical Consulting (Braintrust)
  • Product research and development
  • Algorithm design
  • US legality review
  • Whitepaper foundations
  • Proof of concept implementation
  • Cryptocurrency security best practises
  • Product team sizing and requirements
Talent acquisition (Muscle)
  • 1x Head of Development
  • 5x Blockchain Engineers
  • 3x Golang Engineers
  • 1x Frontend Engineer
  • 1x Security Engineer
  • 1x Designer

Niwa - Agricultural Technology Startup

Design & Build (Stewardship)
  • Built to support 1000+ units
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) build
  • Ionic hybrid mobile application — Android & iOS
  • Nodejs backend — Amazon AWS platform
  • C++ IoT firmware — Particle IoT platform

Meet some of our sherpas

  • Paul Fox

    Co-founder & Solutions Engineer
  • Adrian Duke

    Co-founder & Solutions Engineer
  • Kai Posner

    Head of Talent
  • Cat Neligan

    Head of Design
  • Luna

    Head of Mischief

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